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Investment Strategy

As you aware the crypto currency market is still in its active development stage and is capable of delivering a potential profit above 500% annually until 2023 for those who invested in digital assets. However, high profits are usually accompanied by high risks.

Zater Capital work with teams to construct a unique market strategy through each phase of the adoption cycle.

Our algorithms are developed in house and custom tailored to meet client-specific goals, ensuring liquid markets at any scale.


Zater capital has a robust supply schedules and token economic structures that support user adoption. Zater Capital uses a hybrid approach towards assets management process reducing the potential risks through the high levels of capital diversification:

Trading (QA)
Contributions with potentially high return and moderate risk.
Manual Trading
Free Cash
Used for additional investments in assets that ensure maximum profitability and diversification of portfolio risks in a particular period.

The choice of specific investment instruments is carried out by continuous automated and manual analysis of the effectiveness of both evaluated assets and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Zater capital uses Bitfinex, IDEX, OKEX, OCFX and Bitmex exchange platforms for the trading operations as these platforms offer high liquidity, reliable customer service and high levels of security, as well as the ability to improve the efficiency of the investment decision making process by providing the compatibility with Zater capital's software system. Our clients receive a monthly report on the profitability of operations performed for the reporting period