Diversity & Inclusion

The philosophy of working as One Zater Capital is at the core of our commitment to inclusion and diversity. We’ve made building a more diverse workforce a top priority and foster a collaborative culture based on trust, respect and integrity. We know that diversity strengthens us and an inclusive culture is essential to deliver superior results for our clients.

At their essence, our values – building meaningful work and meaningful relationships, finding people who think differently, and creating an environment where the best ideas win (no matter who came up with them) – lead us to embrace diversity and treasure our differences. If our mission is to have the deepest possible understanding of how financial markets work, we must find and grow the best talent – across gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity, religion and more.

That’s why we have dedicated diversity professionals reporting directly to the CEOs, several community groups with the goal of supporting/building our diverse communities, and a senior Diversity Council empowered to drive forward our vision and plan for continuing to make Zater Capital a vibrant, inclusive community.