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QHF Milestones

Q3 2018

Alpha version

  • Preparation of QHF White Paper v1;
  • Software testing in simulated environment: Info Focus, Universal CRM, Impulse Trade, Quantum Flux;
  • Preparation of legal and technical backbone for the Fund’s operations;
  • Selection and approval of counterparties for operations with capital;
  • Development of security protocols of the Fund;
  • Website development;
  • Formation of the advisory team;
  • Fund’s registration and acquisition of proper legal documentation in compliance with existing regulatory standards;
  • Implementation of adjustments to the asset management processes;

Q4 2018

  • Alpha version launch of the Fund;
  • Alpha version launch of the Fund’s website;
  • Implementation of all the security protocols of the Fund post successful stress-testing;
  • Debugging of the Fund’s systems based on the first feedback received during live tests;
  • Development of autonomous Quantum Technologies ecosystem;
  • Obtaining of Assets Management Licence;
  • Conducting market feasibility research with the advisory team;
  • Benchmarking and testing of several marketing strategies;
  • Alpha version launch of the agency program of the Fund;

Q1 2019

  • Update of the Fund’s marketing strategy and agency program;
  • Implementation of the transaction debugging mechanism;
  • Major update and stress testing of the Fund’s security protocols;
  • Establishment of Quantum Technologies Holding;

Q2 2019

  • Overview of quantum-resistant methodologies after in-depth research of current generation of blockchain technology with developers team and post-quantum cryptographists;
  • Quantum Blockchain development process kick-off;
  • Stepwise definition of signatures to be used in Quantum Blockchain;

Q3 2019

Beta version

  • Major system update and Beta version launch of the Fund;
  • Beta version launch of the agency program of the Fund;
  • Update of the CRM platform;
  • Definition of functionality and implementation of QTM v1;
  • Global marketing strategy implementation kick-off: first partnerships with international agencies and partners. Relevant media contacts activation;

Q4 2019

  • OTS and extended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS) were defined as optimal multisignature solutions;
  • In-depth research revealed the necessity to develop QTM as an isolated network with interoperability in a later pipeline.
  • QTM Proof-Of-Stake (POS) development process kick-off;

Q1 2020

  • Development of a prototype node with a basic POS algorithm and integration of extended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS);
  • Security protocols stability testing against potential vulnerabilities to an external hacking attempts;

Q2 2020

  • Network testing with nodes running on MacOS, Linux, Windows;
  • Optimizing the C++node. Inter-node encrypted communication (Lattice-based cryptography);
  • Intelligent integration of electronic certificates, contracts and agreements into Quantum Blockchain;
  • QTM update to QTM v2;

Q3 2020

Development of Quantum Technologies ecosystem based on the Quantum Blockchain:

  • Asset management solutions based on the Quantum Blockchain security protocols;
  • Insurance services based on the Quantum Blockchain;
  • Social and economic interaction platform based on the Quantum Blockchain;
  • Financial micro and macro services based on the Quantum Blockchain;

Q4 2020

Development of Quantum Technologies ecosystem based on the Quantum Blockchain:

  • Implementation and consolidation of variable frequencies for digital signatures;
  • Inclusion of the possibility of updating the digital signature scheme in the Quantum Blockchain (Xmss, sphincs,+ future), updating the address format, support for various cryptographic hash functions (SHA2_256, SHAKE_128, SHAKE256 etc.).
  • QTM update to QTM v3;

Q1 2021

  • Quantum Blockchain testing against vulnerabilities to an external hacking attempts;
  • Initiation of public hacking test conducted by third-parties;

Q3 2021

  • Assessment of the possibility of digitizing human DNA and transferring it into the Quantum Blockchain DNA Explorer;
  • Development of the proprietary payment system based on the Quantum Blockchain;
  • Development of the Quantum Blockchain Banking Ecosystems;

Q2 2022

Gamma version

  • Quantum Blockchain DNA Explorer network testing;
  • Testing of Quantum Blockchain Bank Ecosystems;